When I launched this blog, just under two weeks ago, I genuinely thought it would be a good way for my friends and family to understand my journey with MS and raise a little bit of awareness. Well blow me down…TODAY HAS BEEN SURREAL!

Lying in bed dreaming of Tom Hardy and calorie free cake, the distant sound of constant buzzing awoke me, from what I must say was a pretty nice dream. My screen was flashing and the first message I read was from a friend asking me for my autograph…thought he had gone mad or was drunk if I am honest!

Then when I opened my whatsapp, there is my face on all these messages!!! ERM, am I now having a nightmare, what is my gob doing everywhere?

So, I click on the link, and there is lil ol’ me, as the top news story on The Liverpool Echo Website and The Daily Mirror….OHHMYYYYYYYYYYGAWWWWDDDDD…I nearly fell out of bed!

Then I read the story…

Liverpool Echo Article

The Daily Mirror Article

I’m so happy that it is raising awareness, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that I am able to make a small tiny difference. But I am not going to lie, reading someone else’s words talking about me, seems to have hit a little harder than when I write about me. I was reading it at first as though it was some other 32 year old girl from Liverpool (did they really need to mention my age 3 times!). Then an hour later it sort of hit me. About being blind. About maybe going blind again. The word disabled, next to a picture of me. Rachel Sinclair – Multiple Sclerosis – Disabled. As you know, I still struggle sometimes identifying / accepting I am that person…maybe I never will. I’ve never truly understood what bittersweet felt like until today…

ANYWAY, irregardless of that, today I am HAPPY and FEELING PROUD that all you lovely people have helped me spread the word about MS, if it wasn’t for the thousands of people who have supported me over the past few weeks then those articles wouldn’t have been printed today!

I am also getting interviewed on Radio City Liverpool at 11.30am on Monday, so please tune in and let me know what you think!! I always knew I had a face for the radio…

Finally thank you, thank you so much for reading my story and helping me be a voice for the thousands of other MS’ers who can’t shout as loud as me…

Rach xxx

The Blonde Who Blogs

11 comments on “8. We are in the papers!”

  1. You deserve this attention after all the awareness you have brought for MS and MS sufferers.
    Good luck Rachel and well done x

  2. HiHiya Rachel, 32 or not, you’re stunning. Thank you for letting me share your journey with you, you’re an inspiration.
    Loadsa love Dee ❤ xxx

  3. You truely are an amazing person Rach. I’m so happy for you hun, your doing a fantastic job putting the word out there and helping to raise awareness for MS. Keep up all the hard work, your a strong, inspirational young woman who deserves the best life has to offer. Lots of love and hugs xxxx

  4. Keep going! It’s amazing. Your beautiful and we all need you to carry this forward and get a real cure for us all. I agree it was hard for me to read the article as they always focus on worst case senario. But raising awareness will bringing more funding for research and hopefully a cure xx

  5. Well done Rachel for raising people’s awareness of this sometimes frightening Russian Roulette disease. I am also called Rachel and am currently on Tecfidera for RRMS. All okay at this present time and living life to the max…As long as I can I will is my new MANTRA. Keep well.xx

  6. So happy that you are raising awareness and making a difference you should be extremely proud of yourself xxx

  7. Rach you are fab inside and out. I think its great that you are raising awareness, and you are strong independent woman, keep up the good work

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