Vitamin D is definitely good for the soul (& us MS’ers) isn’t it. This time last year I was still learning to walk properly and fast forward to now, another amazing holiday with the girls and I’m dancing on a beach. So it was worth the hard work and staying as positive as I did wasn’t it. 

“You may be permanently paralysed”

“I’m awfully sorry you’re going to be permanently blind” 

“We think it’s a brain tumour”

…. if you take anything from reading this, you’ve just been newly diagnosed or just going through a pretty shitty time, then without overloading on the cheese, don’t lose hope. There’s no way of me saying that without it sounding cheesy is there. But you get the jist. Imagine if I’d have believed all the stuff I was told last year, imagine if I’d given up and when I got my MS dX I had just threw the towel in. I’ve had some emails lately from people asking me what’s the best advice I would give to someone with a new dX, and this is it. Everyone’s MS is different, we are all like little snowflakes, but I 100% believe I’m where I am today because I never in a zillion years believed I’d be any other way. Not for a second. So if you feel like you’ve got a massive ugly “gonna have a heart attack cos it’s too steep” a mountain to climb, walk backwards/sidewards, crawl if you have to, but just take one tiny step in the right direction at a time, and I promise you’ll be planting that flag and drinking sangria (or drink of choice) before you know it. 

FYI Girls holidays should also be available on prescription shouldn’t they. I’ve laughed non stop for 5 days, sat on this plane going home now feeling like I’ve done 10 rounds but jeez every self inflicted injury was worth it and the holiday blues are definitely setting in. Sat drinkin a few beers on the beach yesterday, good company, sun shining, music playing somewhere and a dog being chauffeured in a mini boat onto a yacht (true story) and I realised I just wanted to Sky Plus the weekend…literally rewind and replaying some parts over and over and over again. If only eh. 

Back to reality, work and going the Asda for green tea, lettuce and dust, day dreaming of 3am karaoke bar sessions and calorie free Pina Coladas. Maybe one day eh….

I’ve been a busy bee over the past few weeks so I’m so sorry I’m behind on replying to email enquiries, I’ll be catching up on emailing you all back this week as I hibernate and become a relatively normal functioning human being again. If you have any questions remember you can email me, it’s all confidential – – I sometimes don’t get Facebook or Insta messages so this is always the best bet. 

I’ve also had an influx of new subscribers, thank you thank you thank you, I think that’s something to do with my lovely Natalie’s last guest post isn’t it.

Thanks for reading as always,

Rach xxx 

The Blonde Who Blogs

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  1. Hi fans! If you’ve subscribed because of my guest post , thankyou! Keep an eye out for my pod cast coming soon…. ha ha ha. Only messin rach fab post glad you and the girls had a ball xx

  2. Lovely to hear your doing just fine Rach. Your looking absolutely fantastic hun and im so made up your still flying round the world doing your thing ha ha. Great blog as always, hope to hear from you again soon. Lots of love xxxxx

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