Seems like lately the only time I have to write a post is when I’m sat on a plane. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about that, it beats sitting on a cramped train with some strangers knees pressed against your leg. I’ll never understand this. A slight annoyance of mine can you tell? This along with putting chocolate in the fridge and milk before the tea bag baffles me.

It’s MS awareness week, it feels like there’s a few of these. Unless it’s just because I’m a new starter and missed the important dates memo. Well anyway, it’s got me thinking, you’ll have read about me harping on about misconceptions that people with MS face on a daily basis, and yes some of these are people’s ignorance to disability but whilst this might be quite controversial, I also think it has something to do with a small number of MS’ers too. SHOCK SHOCK HORROR did she just say that?

Yup I did.

When I got diagnosed, I remember meeting someone of a similar age who also had MS, they’d given up work, bought a wheelchair “just incase” and wore their diagnosis like a ball and chain round their neck. They moaned on about how now they deserved special treatment and how their life was ruined and it was almost as though adopting the “full on disabled” act was their comfort blanket from the real world. Their cold was because of MS. Their stomach bug was because of MS. Their next door neighbour letting its cat pee on their treasured garden gnomes, was because of MS. I could go on. I was still a bit fragile at this stage, so I remember sitting there thinking “holy mother of god” is this how I should be acting? Don’t worry that thought didn’t last long…. and I’m not into Gnomes. This person told me how they were just too tired for work, but that they had just had a crazy weekend out drinking with their mates. You getting the picture here. If this person has explained to a stranger what MS was, you’d think it was a life sentence and start writing a will. So, whilst some may not agree, I believe being positive and realistic is far more educational and good for the soul, than planning for worst case scenario, giving up on living and letting MS (or any illness) be your buffer for all things “real”. Suppose the world needs all kind of characters to make it tick doesn’t it, but it frustrates me when people are diagnosed and let the label of MS define them. 

Anywayyyyy, rant over. So it’s MS awareness week, which for me it is every week, so I’m going to do a few different things this week on here, I’ve asked a few non MS people to write about their little journey with MS since I was diagnosed. I just think it will be good to hear about how a diagnosis can have a wider impact on people in your life. First up, will be one of my best friends Natalie. No pressure eh.

I didn’t finish this post yesterday so I’m now sat on a plane home, I’ve had a sore leg for the last few days and it’s that bad now I’ve had to root the crutches out for the first time in a while, I really really hate crutches by the way, there’re just so ugly and urgh, but needs must. Also have you ever tried navigating two suit cases, a hand bag and a briefcase through an airport with a leg that’s gone AWOL? My advice. DONT. I feel like I’ve just done a marathon with a hangover after a 7 course 3am Chinese in the Mayflower (a Liverpool Sunday morning ritual). I’m not sure if my leg is down to my MS or something else, I always think it’s the latter and I’m definitely not quick to blame the MS. I think that’s important. I’m still trying to educate my own GP on this, I swear if I went in with an axe sticking out of my head his response would be “ring your neurologist, I think it’s your MS”…anyone else get this? 

Also this is way off topic but there is a really annoying couple next to me kissing really loudly, not just a little peck kinda kiss, I’m talking full on tongues and hair grabbing. I don’t know where to look. I sort of feel like I’m intruding, I swear to god if they start trying to join the mile high club I’m gonna whack them with my crutch and tell them to squeeze in the bloody bathroom. So I’m trying to distract myself by nosing at the guy in fronts crossword, and I really want to tell him that I know the answer to 7 across, but that would be a bit weird wouldn’t it. If he makes eye contact I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself. The irony of this, is that there is someone probably behind me writing about that annoying blonde who is nosing at the guys crosswords, giving the horny couple daggers and has weirdly got her leg elevated on a Victoria’s Secret box in the aisle (my kind of medical equipment shopping). 

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Rach xxx 

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  1. Love taking time out to read your blogs missus! Positive & keeping it tea as per, remember to rest when your body tells you! Send me a date for a catch up in your busy jetset life love ❤️ moi xx

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