I have always had a diary, admittedly sometimes it does get neglected, but if you flick through it, you could sort of catch the jist of my life for the past 10 years or so.  I like reading and I like writing.  But. I am not a writer.  I don’t think about the structure of my sentences, I don’t obsess over the grammatical accuracy, I don’t even get people to proof read. But.  I do like to write.

I first got published at aged 13, when a poem I scribbled on a scruffy piece of paper whilst sat on the bus on the way to school, won a competition and was printed in a book of poetry. It was something about “the night of the day”, which does not make any more sense now as it did back then.  It was my attempt at clever poetic irony, that failed miserably.  My mum was over the moon, I on the other hand still to this day, am convinced that it must have been the only entry. I am not delicate enough to write good poetry.  My only other published publications have all been academic journals on marketing topics, hardly light reading, or even enjoyable, unless you are into that kind of thing. I also have a few times been quoted in the press, which in isolation sounds quite impressive; once it was because I petitioned for a swingers/sex club to be shut down, my infamous statement “I am not a prude or anything” has been the ‘but’ of many jokes. Another time  I was shortlisted for a business award and I had to give an equally embarrassing interview along the lines of  ‘who I admired’ and ‘my three favourite dinner guests dead or alive’; cliché and a mundane read.

So in terms of blogging, this is the first time I have gone public.  I have been an active blogger with my own site, for the past 5 years, writing under a pseudonym. Why?  It was easier and more enjoyable to be 100% honest and open without fear of offending people or being accused of “airing my laundry in public”.  You don’t get that kind of judgement from strangers.  It was my online diary to vent, converse and seek opinions on many stages of my life from 25 – 30.   The past 5 years have been enjoyable to say the least, I’d say a steep learning curve and having just turned 30 I have decided it is about time I threw off the nervous trepidation being an early twentyish something gave me, and blog as me.  Yes, me.  It’s taken a lot of thinking and deliberation, accompanied by copious amounts of wine, cocktails and green olives, but I can happily say, “Hi My name is Rachel, and I am The Blonde Who Blogs!”.  So what is it all about? Well lets clear a few things up first…

  1. I do not profess to be a English literature connoisseur (top marks if you’ve already figured this out)
  2. My views and opinions are my own, I fully expect some people to agree, and more than a lot, to not.
  3. This is a lifestyle personal blog.  This doesn’t mean that I think my life is something special.  Don’t get me wrong, it is special to me.  But the purpose of The Blonde Who Blogs is because I like to blog and I have over the years been encouraged to continue by my readers, I am just going public now.
  4. What do I want to achieve?  Well I work in marketing and whenever I create a new product, it is because there is a need for it.  Hard to relate that to my blog, because I doubt any of you actually need this, or nor does it solve any problems.  So I’ll take my academic marketers hat off and keep it simple.  If it puts a smile on your face, makes you think twice about something or gives you 2 minutes of distraction whilst you’re sitting on a bus, then my job is done.
  5. I will never be controversial, for the sake of being controversial.  I do not need, nor do I want, the notoriety that people seek through being “out there” with their opinions, if its controversial, it’s because I believe it, never will I write just to achieve the “hand over mouth oh my god” factor.
  6. I will never divulge my nearest and dearest’s deepest secrets, nor will I ever write about somebody under their real name without their permission.  Anybody else will of course have their names changed & fake moustaches attached.
  7. “A lady should be two things, classy and fabulous” – I am happy to say that I can make a statement without the constant use of profanities, however occasionally a particular topic or explanation may require the odd/mild one.
  8. This isnt an exhaustive list, I’m sure over time I may add, delete and modify.

Anyway, enough introductions, I hope you enjoy The Blonde Who Blogs and feel free to comment or get in touch.

Rach x

The Blonde Who Blogs

2 comments on “Let me introduce myself (Pre eye patches and zimmer frames)”

  1. Don’t really read blogs however yours has just left me intrigued and wanting to follow the story. I will share and hopefully you can raise as much awareness as possible. This is a terrible condition that definitely needs greater awareness. Well done

  2. I really like your style of writing. As I’m reading this I can imagine you saying it. Every time life deals you the shit card you somehow turn it around and always come out with a smile and I envy there way you look at gem world!
    Proud as punch my girl xxxx

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