After a pretty hectic weekend, I’ve just sat down and started thinking about what I am going to say whilst being interviewed on the radio tomorrow. I then quickly realised that I should stop overthinking it and just go with the flow, and wing it like I do with most things. Otherwise I’ll be turning up tomorrow with a full on power point presentation.

I suppose I just want people to know that even when life throws pretty crap things at you that you have no control over, it is 100% possible to still be ok. I want people to understand what MS is and how my blog is going to be an outlet for me to give a real, honest account of my journey, which people can hopefully relate to! Even maybe enjoy reading a little tiny bit.

(If you would like to listen to my squeaky voice harping on, then please tune in to Radio City Talk Liverpool at 11.30am.) God I’m actually pluggin myself here aren’t I, when did I become so cheesy!

So, after closing power point and putting the A3 flip chart away for the sake of tomorrows presenter, I went on to look at some stats on how my website has been performing (god how technical do I sound here). Anyway, I’m not, and it isn’t that technical, it’s just a good way of me seeing the traffic to the site….and firstly I am glad I was sitting down.


I refreshed, then refreshed again, then double checked my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me!

Jesus tonight, that’s a lot of people who have read my now public diary. Who are they all!?!

I’m currently sat in bed with my laptop on my knee, feeling pretty chuffed. So to all you 5000 people, if I didn’t scare you/bore you and you actually come back for another read, cheers for that! It’s made my day.

I’m pretty tired tonight and stupidly have pushed myself a little too hard this weekend, when I do that, my body now throws a little tantrum and fatigue kicks in (it’s a different sort of tiredness that I’ll tell you about another day), so apologies for the short post, but my eyes are closing and I’ve been struggling a bit with my right arm and hand recently (it goes a bit weak sometimes)…and I’ve not quite mastered the art of typing with my toes yet.

So remember tune in to Radio City Talk tomorrow at 11.30am, if you want to hear a squeaky scouse girl stuttering and probably having a nervous breakdown live on air.

Good night,

Rach x

The Blonde Who Blogs

5 comments on “9. Taking to the waves”

  1. Awww Rach, everything you’ve done and are doing is absolutely amazing, just like you It’s been a pleasure to read all your blogs hun and i for one, will be tuning into radio city tomorrow at 11.30am to hear your squeaky lil voice ha ha ha! Which i don’t imagine it to be squeaky at all.. You can do this Rach, your outlook on life is so positive and strong, I’m beginning to think you’ve got super woman powers ha ha!! Good luck for tomorrow hun. Stay strong & positive. Lots of love xxxxx

  2. Wing it…. winging it with style & sophistication where you are unexpexctingly drawing people to your blogging.

    Making your tough time the open arms people are magnetising towards. Your a true inspiration Rache, MS she’s coming to get you xxx

  3. You’ll be great, relax your doing a good thing spreading awareness for everybody not living with MS DAILY good luck xxx

  4. Wow over 5000 that’s ace Razzle! the bubbly blonde bombshell strikes again! Good like for today I’ll be listening. Xxx

  5. Congrats on the stats! I often find myself obsessing a bit about the #s, particularly just after a post. It doesn’t help that I have my whole family asking “how many views today?”

    I look forward to reading more of another MSers stories and antics


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