I’m guessing I’m not the only one who is lying in bed being British, moaning about the hot weather and not being able to sleep. This heats amazing, but for us MS’ers it can really play havoc…think I mentioned how if I get too hot my eyes just go all blurry and I can’t see…it happened before actually, it’s probably more scary for whoever is with me, than it is for me now to be honest, because I know if I just take 5 to cool down, it will go! (Although can be quite funny shouting “I’ve gone blind, I’ve gone blind!!!” and hearing the person with me almost have a heart attack )…cmon laughter is the best medicine isn’t it!

Anyway, I’ve not been too well the past few days…last week was a bit stressful, then I had a lovely weekend away with my friends, then I caught some kind of vomiting bug, then my body for 2 whole days actually just sort of stopped. I thought I’d experienced MS fatigue but from Sunday to Tue night I didn’t actually leave my bedroom…I couldn’t even have balanced a Malteaser on my toe and let it roll down my leg, bouncing it on my knee and catching it in my mouth (true story/party trick)…lifting my head off the pillow actually felt like I had a foreign exchange sumo wrestler renting a space between my eyebrows and there I was lying in bed with a wet flannel on my head praying a knight in shining armour would appear and fan me whilst intermittently feeding me “anti sickness tablets”….anyway less of the dramatics but I’m sensing you get the jist.

I have the type of personality that means I’m more comfortable doing things than chilling. Even with a hangover I’d rather get up and get moving, much to the annoyance of whoever I am sharing my bed with at given hangover morning moment…which lately is either an 18month old cockapoo, my 9 year old niece with an array of Disney teddies, or one of my long suffering friends who at this stage in our friendship just tell me to sod off and hide under the duvet. So, feeling like my body was on 1% batt life was not easy! It helped in a way that I felt so sick, but it just reenforced the annoying side of these auto immune diseases, I had a work email inbox count going higher, had to cancel plans and cancel things I’d agreed to do (I hate letting people down…) and these flare ups always seem to strike when you don’t want them to, in the way that guarantees to piss you off the most*.

*for me anyway

I’m starting to feel human again now, just a lot weaker than normal and despite normally ignoring every single person arounds me constant “telling off” to take it easy etc etc, I am actually going to listen to my body and do just that, of a sort anyway. I think it’s taking me a bit of time to catch up with how my body now reacts differently with MS…as you know I forget I’ve got it half the time, and sometimes treat it like a grazed knee that will go away if I stick a nice plaster on it…(don’t try this at home folks). But this week is just another learning curve isn’t it.

Anyhow I was hoping writing this would have helped me fall asleep by now, but nope, I’m still here…good job I’m single isn’t it, I’m lying here with relaxing sounds playing (you tube relaxing ASMR sleep music, it’s amazing) with every window in the house open, every moth in a 5 mile radius pitching up on my fluorescent light up aromatherapy oil diffuser (I am addicted to lemongrass!) and a vitamin E sleep mask lathered on my gob (the body shop overnight masks are amazing)….eh actually come to think about it, I got asked that question probably every single person in the world gets asked today….

“so why are you single?”….

Maybe I should just copy and paste the paragraph above and have it printed and ready to distribute. What is the correct answer to that question anyway? Anyone share to shed some light?




Well I actually am a royal pain in the ass ya know Dave, maybe that’s why I’m single and stood here just trying to buy a bloody pack of super strength nails and a hammer in peace and here’s you asking me a question that makes me then question my existence as a mere mortal on this planet. Yeah cheers for that Dave.





Well I’m just taking time to enjoy being single at the minute Dave, ya know, freedom, meals for one, solo Netflix and “no chill” blahblahblah


(Translates to: only met divvies, f**k boys, guys who say one thing & mean another or the grand finale…guys who have their mums face tattooed on their arse cheek so far, so this is the safest bet)

And finally…




Dave I’m single because I haven’t met anyone who I like enough to make me not want to be single… that’s the truth for most single people isn’t it. Well it is for me, and the ones I do like and could never imagine getting annoyed of their snoring or love of match of the day are either Married (George Clooney), Fictional (Mr Darcy) or have an aversion to a blonde that likes to waffle, a lot.


Ok see my waffle has even made me almost fall asleep.

If you managed to stay awake, thanks for reading as always,

Night Night

Rach xxx

The Blonde Who Blogs

7 comments on “21. Sick Note & My Single Status”

  1. Loved it as always. Glad your starting to feel better Rach. Just take it nice and slow (i know you don’t do slow but please try), one step at a time my lovely friend. xxxxx

  2. Hi Rachel
    I’ve just started reading your blog since Wednesday as I learnt about it for th MS event (Sorry to hear you weren’t well, would love to have met you!)
    I love everything you’ve written, it made me laugh and cry! Can’t wait for your next update 🙂
    I was diagnosed last December and it’s been an emotional/crazy rollercoaster I’m still getting used to. It’s just nice to know there are other people my age who are going through the same thing

    • Hi Sally, ah I’m so sorry I missed meeting you at the event! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for your lovely comments, I’m so glad you could relate to it! We are setting up a network for young (if I still count at 32 for this) MS’ers, if you email me then I can make sure you get sent the details! Rach xx

  3. Hi rachel,
    I was given a pick me up magazine and just been fclicking through it and saw your article. I’ve recently been told my illness may be ms. I’m 25 and heartbroken. I need a diagnosis but they are holding off as say could be other illnesses. I would love to hear more. I’m going to spend one time reading your blog now I’ve found it. Thank you! Jess x

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