Travelling gives me such a buzz. Makes me take the time to just sit and appreciate the small stuff. I’ve been working in Dublin this week, after what can only be described as the best wedding I’ve ever been to in my life in Majorca. 

My beautiful friends Alana and David (that’s them looking dapper above!) hosted an amazingly beautiful long weekend, with every detail literally planned to perfection in the most unreal setting. It was just one WOW after another!  Surrounded by beautiful people, watching sun sets, dancing and copious amounts of sangria meant I laughed from beginning to end! Watching two gorgeous people, who looked amazing may I add and who are so in love, get married and party like the true rock stars they are, made me all fuzzy inside.  Laughter and love really is the best medicine isn’t it. 

So, MS is unpredictable and last year after my MS diagnosis I went on holiday and ended up pretty sick, so I came prepared this time, a suitcase of “just incase” drugs, my EU health card (my mum would not let me leave the country without this), travel insurance (don’t even ask how much I have to now pay *sad face*) and a plan to stay “sensible” (failed) ((miserably)). But, I managed to get through it relatively unscathed, yey! Don’t get me wrong there were a few dodgy hangovers, but nothing a cheeky shandy for brekkie didn’t cure.

Once you have had an MS relapse, even if the symptoms clear up, the lesions left on your brain do leave some damage, which means that in certain circumstances, you can suffer something called a Pysduo relapse. I hate this word, because even though it’s not classed as a real “relapse”, you can still feel exactly the same, but apparently they don’t cause anymore shadows on your brain…well that’s my understanding of it!  

Now these type of relapses can be flared by lots of things, stress, infections and temperature changes (Uhthoff’s phenomenon) etc. So yup you guessed it, going into hot places can also sometimes play havoc for me, when I get out the shower both of my eyes go really fuzzy and I can’t see properly, it goes after a few minutes and I’m used to it now but suppose that could be quite scary for some people. If I clean my eyes with a hot flannel the same happens, learnt this the hard way in the middle of a spa once and had to feel my way out of the room with my hands on the wall to “chill my eyes out”…”it’s ok, I’ve just gone a bit blind I’ll be fine in a min” …the therapist sounded like she was about to ring an ambulance or faint. 

Anyway, all weekend I would get little bouts of blurry eye, you wouldn’t know, I’d just sit still and try and cool off, literally in between the wedding and the dinner I went all fuzzy with that eye to brain pain you will only understand if you’ve ever had optic neuritis, but I’ve learnt that if I just stop moving and get myself in a cool place as quick as possible, my sight comes back pretty quickly! So pre warning, if I suddenly disappear with my hands in an ice bucket, I haven’t lost the absolute plot, I’m just trying to see again ha!

So, there’s a lot of things that could be going on with someone you know who has MS that you may never even see or notice!  I don’t mind this. I don’t get offended if people tell me “but you don’t look sick” or that they think I look really well…quite the opposite. Keep it comin’ !! I know some people can get upset by this, as people then don’t appreciate the invisible symptoms that might be going on. Suppose I have understanding people around me, so if they need to know something I’ll tell them, and I do try and explain and help them understand the invisible bits. But, I don’t resent people for not understanding, not one tiny bit. I didn’t have a clue before my dX so I can’t now suddenly expect everyone else to be brain disease experts. (Although hopefully you’re upping your ante’ reading this thing!)

God I’ve strayed off point here, I started off telling you how travelling gives me time to appreciate the simple things, so back to it, …I’m writing this as I am sat looking over the river in Dublin, with a coffee (decafe/skinny – what is even the point!) with my headphones in listening to One Republics “I lived” song…(words are spot on but if you watch the vid, you WILL cry) people watching. God I love people watching, the cute little old couples trying to take selfies, the little boy with the little glasses who keeps looking at me and pulling tongues when his mum isn’t watching, the serious looking Italian guy (that’s a guess) who has just fell over a bollard and looked at me and we both burst out laughing and then the guy who is now standing next to me playing an accordion staring at me trying to get me to give him money (I’m now staring at the phone pretending I’m emailing Jesus!). Anyway I caved and ended up getting a full on serenade for 2euro, slightly embarrassing. 

I’m lucky enough to have travelled all over the world and these simple little moments are by far my favourite.

Hope you’re all having a lovely Wednesday,

Thanks for reading,

Rach xxx

The Blonde Who Blogs

7 comments on “15. All you need is love…and an Ice Bucket.”

  1. Another fun to read but informative blog post! Learn something new each time and feel more and more clued up. Keep getting it out there – awesome post yet again!xx

  2. Brilliant Rach. I live for these blogs, I really admire your strength, humour, and your writing style, it’s fab. Keep putting the word out there hun, you have a wonderful way with words. xxxxx

  3. Loved this read! Shows your true bubbly character so well! Also helping a friend understand more about this itoo! Love you and keep on going Judith!!!! Xxxx

  4. You are a shining example to so many Rach and super proud of your attitude, achievements and unwavering positivity. My heroine. Fact.
    You are also a very talented writer. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Xx

  5. Truly was the most amazing weekend in Majorca a and you summed it up to perfection Rachel. You also looked radiantly beautiful too. Xx
    Carry on the good work, I love reading your blogs. Feeling humble x

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