So I made it onto the air waves yesterday without fainting, stuttering too much or accidentally blurting out any expletives, all in all I’d say it was a successful 20 minutes.

Mick Coyle and Lizzy at Radio City Talk were fantastic and eh, it’s quite fun being on the radio yanno. I could get used to it. If you haven’t already had a listen, click the link below and hear me totally take over and not really let Mick get a word in edge ways, sorry about that!

Radio City Talk Liverpool Interview with The Blonde Who Blogs

Also, did I really say “I’m Rachel and I like Sui Mais”…LIVE on air to thousands of people!! Oh Rachel, oh Rachel you classy bird.

Brilliant awareness of MS raised again though, and SO MANY emails/comments from people saying how good it is to find someone with MS that they can relate to. Bingo!


Mick asked me on air what I wanted to do next now I have launched the blog, and you may have heard me mention some type of support group for people who are newly diagnosed. This idea has been running around my head for a while, in the past few months I’ve met a couple of people who have just found out they have MS, just to have a chat and give them the chance to speak to someone who may understand a little… Let me just state here, I have never ran a support group in my life, and I’m by no means an expert, but I’m willing to learn.

I’ve got tons of idea….run it of a weeknight once a month maybe?…target young people who struggle to find people to relate to?…discuss and deal with real life issues (not the text book ones)?…serve sui mais instead of biscuits? the list just goes on…and I’m pleased to tell you that I am meeting with a lady from the MS Society very soon to get the ball rolling…no time like the present eh. I’m excited!!

So, if you are reading this and think this type of support group would be of interest to you, then please let me know…

(Also, I hate the word support group, if anyone can think of a better name please let me know!)

Finally, every night I am trying to put aside at least an hour (work and tiredness permitting) to reply to emails and comments, but I promise I will get round to replying to every single one of you at some point…so thanks for your patience you lovely lot.

Thanks for reading,

Rach xxx

The Blonde Who Blogs

4 comments on “10. Sui Mai’s and Support Groups on Radio City Talk”

  1. “Networking event/group”?? I will continue to think of more suggestion though… absolutely loved listening to you on route to Cheshire Oaks on Monday… I kept repeating I know her I know (name dropping).

    P.S you should definitely write a book


  2. You were amazing on the radio . I keep hearing about this blonde who blogs on her life changing condition. You are the strongest beautiful young lady that is changing the lives of MS sufferers, their families friends and giving people a better understanding of the condition.
    You are truly amazing

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